Vinyl Installation Dos And Don’Ts

It’s essential for flooring contractors to correctly prepare the subfloor to ensure that the tile will stand the test of time. Hire a professional flooring contractor to install your vinyl flooring.

Gorgeous Hardwood And ​Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

In some instances, an underlayment isn’t necessary for vinyl tile flooring. That stated, underlayments may be beneficial to enhance the levelness of the flooring, as well as its thermal efficiency.

vinyl tile installation

Luxury Vinyl Tile: Prep The Floor

For wood substrates, they first need to be suitable per the flooring producer’s recommendations when it comes to type, building and ventilation . Always evaluate the appropriate substrates part of the flooring producer’s installation pointers to verify the wood substrate is approved.

Whether it’s a concrete, wooden, or different substrate, care must be taken to verify it is flat and clean to keep away from waviness in the finished floor appearance. Skim coating compounds are nice options for patching seams in wooden substrates in addition to minor defects in concrete, but they won’t simply create a flat and degree floor. The finest installations for luxury vinyl tile and plank are often seen on substrates which were ready with a self-leveling compound.

Plus, underlayments could also be installed to improve the sound barrier between flooring . However, while underlayments could also be helpful, LVT tiles come inbuilt with a number of layers that assist the longevity, look, and really feel of the tiles. For occasion, our LVT tiles have sub-layers which assist in making your floors flat, degree, and softer to walk on. Tile cracking can occur, and it’s extra frequent if the subfloor isn’t correctly prepared. The subfloor should be fully uniform and flat, and it should be a solid material.

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