Top 5 Applications of Laminates in Commercial Spaces

Laminates can make wonders when it comes to do-overs. They have an amazing ability to provide a great aesthetic feel to any ordinary space. That’s why it is one of the most commonly used materials in the interior design of residential and commercial spaces. 

Right from surfacing walls, furniture, doors, and cabinets to ceilings and floors, you can use laminates everywhere you wish to use. You can find numerous types of office laminates in Royale Touche’s collection that you can explore and select the best kind for different areas within your office space. 

However, before that, let’s check out how you can use laminates in commercial spaces. 

Applications of Laminates in Commercial Spaces:

Executive Rooms:

Executive rooms or boardrooms are undoubtedly spaces that are meant for conducting corporate meetings. These spaces need to have a sophisticated and formal appeal. For that, you can think of using office laminates to bring out an outstanding appearance of the space. 

When you plan to use laminates for your commercial spaces like office rooms, it is advisable to use laminates that have a matte finish and properties like anti-scratches and antibacterial. Plus, laminates also help to repel dust and maintain its beautiful new-like appearance for a longer period. After all, laminates are easy to maintain and quite durable. So, you should also consider using laminates for your office space. 

In-House Restaurants and Cafeterias:

Laminates are also perfect for restaurants and cafeterias. After all, laminates can create an ambience that not only provides an aesthetic and sophisticated appeal but also helps to drive guests to keep visiting the place again and again. 

Moreover, when you use office laminates as a surfacing solution, you do not have to worry about following any hardcore cleaning to maintain their beautiful appeal. After all, one of the best benefits of using laminates is that they are super easy to clean and maintain. So, laminates can provide the best level of cleanliness in restaurants and cafeterias. 

Reception Area:

Another important place where you can think of installing office laminates in your commercial space is the reception area. It is a vital space for any commercial building. Whether you own a photographic studio or a hospital, visitors visit the reception first. It is exactly the place where your visitors get an overall view of the decor of your entire space. 

In addition to that, office laminates are great surfacing materials that work perfectly for receptions as they are visually striking and establish a positive impact on visitors. Plus, these laminate sheets have special properties that help them create a hygienic environment. For that, you can think of installing them in backsplashes, furniture, and countertops within your office space. 


Ballrooms refer to a large space where people or organisations host large gatherings, including conferences, NGO workshops, press conferences, meetings, or annual summits. So, if you want to redecorate your ballroom, you can think of using office laminates. 

Office laminates are a perfect surfacing material that adds aesthetic beauty to the room and attracts the attention of the guests as they give off a professional vibe. So, you can think of using them in the interior wall panels, and also as a covering surface material on furniture, including speaker podiums and desks. 


Washrooms are one of the most commonly used spaces in any commercial building. They are spaces which are subjected to heavy traffic. Because of this, there is an increase in the chances of transmission of disease-causing germs and bacteria. That’s why you should think of using laminates in washrooms or restrooms to avoid transmission of germs and deadly diseases. 

Laminates offered by Royale Touche have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that can prevent the spread of microbes. So, you can install laminate partitions, cubicles, and urinals. Also, laminates can reduce wear and tear to a great extent, providing amazing restroom-maintenance solutions. 

The Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have now come across some excellent applications of laminates in commercial spaces. Now, you can think of installing beautiful and stylish office laminates in your office space. To get the best kinds of stylish and elegant laminates for your commercial spaces, you can reach out to the best laminate brand in India – Royale Touche. 

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