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In various cultures, it has long been the norm to combine pure elements into the home or into public spaces. There are examples from all over the world, such because the gardens with water channels and fountains in Alhambra in Spain, bonsai in the Japanese home, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and vines grown on German half-timbered houses.

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I absolutely love nature, crops, flowers, natural light and the peace and tranquilities that nature brings. Features of the natural worldshould be included into the spaces to create anatural environment. This energetic wallcovering depicts a lush forest full of life and movement by MoooiBiophilic wallpapers are broadly used in interiors to help create a tranquil environment with varied visually enticing nature situations.

Direct Biophilic Design Elements

biophilic decor

Suitable for both inside the home and outside, these gray speckled …

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