12 Linoleum And Vinyl Flooring Installation Mistakes


This situation would make direct installation over the wood difficult. Wood flooring of this sort would wish an intervening underlayment.

Tiles have a plastic or shiny paper backing that peels off to show adhesive. If a number of the adhesive peels off with the paper, you’ll need a new tile. Even a small area missing its adhesive can loosen the tile over time. With the adhesive exposed, set one fringe of the tile on the floor, lay it down carefully and apply stress together with your palms. A vinyl flooring cutter trims edge tiles higher than a utility knife.

Solid hardwood or engineered wood flooring may serve as bases for vinyl flooring. If the wood is heavily gapped, these gaps must first be fixed.

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You’ll wish to use extra care to keep the flooring dry should you plan to use it in a …

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