Biophilia Design Trend Is Perfect For A Spa

While a central aim of biophilic design is to create buildings that promote direct connections to nature , its practitioners also advocate infusing representations of nature into architectural and interior design. As you stroll into the office of your new job, you abruptly panic and think, “Did I just get transported to the jungle from Jumanji? ” But no, you’re simply starting at a company who favors your health and wellbeing, as they’ve brought in lots and plenty of workplace vegetation. Biophilic design, which “seeks to attach our inherent have to affiliate with nature in the fashionable built surroundings,” is all the rage right now. And if you don’t have the price range to hire a full-time horticulturalist like Amazon, we collected some inspirational biophilic design in workplaces around the world in our four-part collection on office crops.

City planners, designers, and architects around the globe are working to make …

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