Best Innovative Homecare Products and Ideas

See these innovative homecare products and ideas can spruce up your home:

Umage’s Feather Lamps and Convertible Sofas

Umage Lighting is offering beautiful dreamy feathery lamps that look like little clouds, to spice up your living room. These lights are available in white, light brown and light grey variants. Their unique aesthetic design that looks simple yet elegant will turn your home into a palace to be admired. Umage is also offering convertible sofas that can be detached to become daybed during summer months. They can also be reassembled and have additional attachments such as lean backs, lamps and side pockets. Made of solid oak, this is a deal you cannot let pass. These feather lamps have been highly rated in many online shopping sites reviews, such as collections etc reviews showing its desirability.

Backlit Wall Tiles

There are now wooden wall tiles that are backlit to light up rooms. They come in various designs and their multicolour LED lighting is capable of offering dynamic visual colours to brighten up your living room or kitchen.

Slidable and Rotatable Bedroom Divider

This works well especially in small houses such as studio rooms. You can have your bedroom and living room at night, but slide the divider during the day to increase your living room space. Everyone loves more space!

Convertible Dining Table

Pool lovers will be especially pleased by this new table design that can be converted from a dining table into a pool table. This is especially convenient for a family on a budget, you get two things for the price of one.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The growth of modern technology has brought us many advantages and a robot cleaner is one of the best of these innovations. With cutting edge obstacle detection, navigation abilities and ability to schedule your cleaning routine, robotic vacuum cleaners are the best thing since sliced bread. A robot called Deebot from Ecovacs also has the added ability of automatically emptying dirt into the trash can.

Smart Faucet

Some faucets use waves to detect your presence and release water. When you’re done they then cut the flow of water. These faucets are much more efficient than traditional taps that have to be manually operated, in fact, smart faucets save 15000 gallons of good water from wastage from dripping taps. This utility is best for children, elderly and disabled people. Additionally, automatic faucets help reduce germ transfer between people since you have to touch manual taps to use them, while faucets are automatic.

Wi-Fi Home Speakers

You can now set your favourite playlist remotely to play all over the house while you attend to other more important chores. These speakers pair with your phone through Bluetooth or wifi to make this possible.

Smart Home Assistant 

The latest in technology is home assistants that can perform any task you give them. Some of the popular ones include; Google Home, Amazon Echo and Apple Homepod. Basically, you pair the device to other home appliances and issue commands to control these appliances through the assistant. Tasks can include turning on the fridge, microwave, TV, phone, controlling temperature or even dimming lights as you transition between rooms.

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