Ways To Boost Productivity in a Mechanic Shop

Have you been interested in learning more about how to boost productivity in the mechanic shop where you work? If you own an auto shop and have been expanding, then there might be some things that can help your busy days go more smoothly. When you’re working on cars or other motors, you need a lot of different tools throughout the day to get your jobs done.

Get Some Wheels on It

When you’re working in an auto shop, most of the items you’re working on already come on wheels. When it comes to the tools you use to do your work, you want to make sure they’re easy to access and readily mobile. If you notice that the wheels on your rolling tool chests or other equipment are starting to wear out, then it may be time to replace parts like heavy duty casters. Certain wheels and casters are made to hold a certain amount of weight, so it’s important to check to see that you have the right wheels for your heavy equipment.

Keep Your Hoses in Check

Many tools in a mechanic shop operate with some kind of hose. Air compressors are a key component of most automobile repair shops, and they are used regularly throughout any given day. The hoses that supply the air to other tools may get damaged and worn over time. This could cause the hose to blow out while it’s in use if it’s neglected. To avoid this kind of potential disaster, it’s important to check your hoses on a regular basis to ensure there are no holes or other wear. 

Have a Protocol for Spilled Chemicals

Mechanics deal with many different messy chemicals. It’s not uncommon for these liquids to be spilled on the floor of the shop during a given project. Have the proper protocol in place to mitigate chemicals that have spilled. This involves using some sort of sweeping compound or absorbent to soak up the liquid chemical. You will want to dispose of this material in the proper methods for the given hazardous material. Some chemicals are more toxic than others, and you’ll want to consult a professional who deals with hazardous materials to explore the right way to dispose of the waste material.

When you do things a little safer and check your equipment, you will have fewer accidents and get more work done. A little bit of extra preparation can go a long way.

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