Lung Cancer Has Many Causes

Most people are aware that smoking tobacco products is a leading cause of lung cancer Newport Beach-based families fight every year. But smoking is not the only significant cause. Many people who do not smoke still can become ill with lung cancer. Second-hand smoke is a common way that non-smokers are afflicted with the disease. So is exposure to a variety of gases, such as radon. Mesothelioma also could afflict the lungs and create a deadly cancerous condition.

Lung Cancer Is Very Deadly

Lung cancer is an equal-opportunity killer that claims more lives than survive each year. The American Cancer Society says that lung cancer will afflict more than 235,000 men and women in 2021. It also says lung cancer will claim more than 131,000 lives. Men tend to contract lung cancer more than women, but not by much. Lung cancer is an equal opportunity disease. The best bet for ensuring survival is to know the signs of lung cancer and seek medical help when they arise.

Learn the Early Signs of Lung Cancer

Those who know the early signs of lung cancer can help their doctors to detect it sooner and make them among the annual survivors instead of victims. Among the most telling signs are a continual cough that does not go away and gets worse over time. When blood accompanies coughing, a very serious condition might exist. Fatigue and shortness of breath also are telltale signs that should get examined by a medical doctor.

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