How to maintain your wine fridge

When it comes to storing wine, one option may be investing in a wine cooler/fridge. Allow this blog to provide helpful information regarding how a wine cooler functions, how long one can expect their wine cooler to last, tips for maintaining a wine cooler, and why it may become faulty. Additionally, many wine coolers are available: a 2 zone wine fridge, under counter wine cooler, etc.  

How a wine cooler functions

If you consider purchasing a wine cooler, you may be curious about how they function and operate. When it comes to storing and ageing wine correctly and successfully, the environment must be just right. Therefore, a wine cooler allows the wine to age and stay optimal. This is achievable as a wine cooler has settings that will enable you to adjust the environment inside the fridge without having to open it and therefore disturb the wine. Additionally, a wine cooler ensures that the humiditylevel is between 60{1cee45cb8e4838412993dd2017a9b61c015bb52a0c3f618c447915687ae044ee}-70{1cee45cb8e4838412993dd2017a9b61c015bb52a0c3f618c447915687ae044ee}. Moreover, the fridge further protects the wine from UV rays and ensures the air in the cooler remains clean and fresh. Lastly, the racks on which the wine lays on ensure that the wine lays at the correct angle.

How long is a wine fridge expected to last

A wine cooler can last between 10-and 15 years. However, it ultimately depends on how well you look and maintain your appliance, as it can last you longer or it can last you a short amount of time.

4 tips for maintaining a wine fridge

Often a wine cooler may be an expensive investment; therefore, you want to ensure that it will last its full life expectancy. When it comes to a wine cooler, one wants to ensure that wherever they place it, there is enough ventilation, meaning one should not put their wine cooler in any tight spaces unless it has front ventilationbuilt into it. Furthermore, one needs to install their wine cooler correctly. If you are not comfortable installing it yourself, contact a service company to help you. However, it is essential to note that if you are going to install it yourself, allow the wine cooler to sit for at least 24 hours to allow the internal parts to settle and make sure that it is level when installing it.

Moreover, pack the correct amount that the wine fridge can withhold. If you overpack it, it can lead to hot spots developing. Lastly, you want to ensure that you clean it regularly. Doing so will allow you to prevent any build-up of frost. Moreover, when cleaning the cooler, you want to ensure you unplug it before beginning your cleaning process. 

A few reasons why your win cooler may be faulty

If you are dealing with a faulty wine cooler, here are some reasons why it may not be working. Firstly, suppose your wine cooler is a thermoelectric one. In that case, the room temperature may be too hot for the cooler to operate correctly. To fix this, one can simply move the cooler into a room with an ideal 50-80 degrees temperature. Additionally, if the fan within the fridge has stopped moving due to dust or dirt build-up, this can also cause the cooler to not function. Therefore it is best to make sure you clean the fan thoroughly.

A wine cooler is an ideal storage option as it provides an accurate and controlled environment in which one’s wine can age and mature. Additionally, it is essential to ensure that your cooler is installed correctly and cleaned thoroughly and consistently. 

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