Day: October 27, 2020

home design

What Is Minimalist House?

MINIMALIST HOUSE is an architectural style of building that is trending in the metropolitan areas. Architectural works of buildings, including minimalist houses, are choices towards architectural forms as a result of culture. It’s not just that the minimalist trend is a mindset, work, and a way of life. A new way of looking at design as a reflection of the practical, lightweight, efficient, and simplicity-filled way of life of urban society..

Minimalist homes also come with clearer characters (geometric shapes and spaces, simpler), better (sturdy), and stronger with empty spaces (fewer ornaments and furniture). The principle is simpler, the quality of the design, the existing space, and the completion of the field of the structure should be the better. John Pawson who is considered a teacher of “minimalism” presents a home design that is minimal in lines, a quiet and beautiful atmosphere.
However it should be noted too minimalist will …

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